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  • Investigation hydrogeological studies with goal to solve the problem of water supplying in towns and settlements (Cuprija Lajkovac, Kolar, the Spa, Negotin Kučeva, Bogovinskog system, etc.),
  • Geological investigation works for the purpose of determining the reserves of raw cement marl and limestone, and identification of hydrogeological and engineering geological conditions of the peats, for the cement factory Lafarge-BFC in Beocin (since 1994.),
  • Geological investigation works for the site selection for sanitary landfills of municipal solid waste (Cacak, Lapovo, Maribor, Velika Plana, Batočina, Svilajnac, Despotovca etc.),
  • Geological investigation works for the level of Major projects for construction and exploitation of sanitary landfills ("Meteris" in Vranje, Milanovac, Leskovac, Sabac, Vrnjacka spa, Prijepolje)
  • Geological investigations for rehabilitation, reclamation, closure and expansion of existing municipal landfills (Subotica, Smederevska Palanka, Sabac, Krusevac, Petrovac Valjevo, Plandiste, Kikinda, Beocin)
  • Geological exploration work with goal to determine the reserves of brick clay ("Star" in Ilok, Ruma, Becej, etc.)
  • Hydrogeological investigation and studies in terms of environmental protection (Lafarge-BFC in Beocin, "Holcim" from Popovac, Sintelon "from Backa Palanka, Coca - Cola" in Belgrade, etc.)
  • Geological investigation for the exploitation of ornamental stones and quarries (Sjenica, Besna Kobila, Rudnik, Veliki Basinac etc.),
  • Hydrogeological investigation works for the design of water intake facilities, and their development in many locations in Serbia,
  • Geological investigation for the dams design (Vrtogos near Bujanovac),
  • Geological investigations for foundation and rehabilitation purposes of constructions (Belgrade, Pozaravac, Bijeljina, Brcko, Badovinci, Lapovo, Milanovac, Pancevo, Kikinda, Mladenovac, Kosjeric, Lucani, Vrnjacka spa, Trstenik etc.),
  • Geological investigation for the design of bridges, roads (Belgrade, Trstenik etc.),
  • Geological investigation and studies for the rehabilitation of landslides (Belgrade, "Casorate" in Beocin),
  • Main and conceptual projects for the rehabilitation, reclamation and expansion of existing municipal landfills for towns: Beocin, Petrovac in Valjevo, Krusevac.